“Holstroy” Ltd company-Inflatable Buildings and Structures
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Строительная компания "Холстрой", группа компаний Vector
Строительная компания "Холстрой", группа компаний Vector

“Holstroy Company”

Информация актуальна: 15-04-2018



“Holstroy Company” established in 2008 is one of the leaders on Ukraine market in designing and manufacturing of high quality temporary and semi-permanent mobile fast assembling structures for general industry, sports, events and venues, military and aviation

We have already implemented more than 300 projects on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia,

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

We have branch offices in Russia (Moscow), Georgia (Tbilisi) and Greece (Saloniki)

Productive capacity

                 6000 sq. м of productive area

                 150 employees: engineers, workers, designers, etc.


Our Advantages:

                 Strong team of professionals: technical personnel, designers, constructors, professional workers, etc.

                 introduction of new materials and production technologies

                 our own inventions to improve the technical and economic characteristics of buildings


In our business we are aimed to satisfy different needs and requires of our clients and partners and use only high quality materials and equipment.  We have signed a contract for the direct supply of PVC fabrics with the next companies:

                 Mehler Texnologies Company (Germany),

                 Plastel (Czech Republic),

                 Sedo (Germany\Spain)

                 Sioen (Belgium)

                 Kobond (China)


Inflatable buildings: temporary and permanent trade pavilions, mobile cinema and concert halls, mobile circus domes, EMA (Emergency Management Agency) warming tents, equipment sheds, temporary housing for work crews, warehouses etc.

Air supported structures: construction of air-inflated sports facilities such as football fields and arenas, swimming pools, tennis courts, hangars and warehouses

Tensile fabric structures: sports fields, swimming pools, mini stadiums; production and

warehouse facilities; farms, storage sheds, greenhouses; hangars of various applications;

temporary shelters, troop quarters, hospitals


Cast-in-situ structures: wide opportunities on creating of attracting design for different range of buildings

Membrane structures: Large-size membrane structures (big membrane structures) can shelter large areas form elements, or can be employed as warehouses and production facilities

“We are really interested in the partnership and strongly believe in this collaboration that will give our companies a new stage of developing.”




Holstroy, Ltd.

6, Serafimovicha st.




+380501433133, +380687954655




“Holstroy” Ltd company-Inflatable Buildings and Structures